Friday, April 9, 2010

A tutu wreath Tutorial :)

you will need:
fabric{either tulle or cheesecloth}
lace & embellishments{optional}
beading/craft wire

Cut a length of wire. cut some strips of fabric. gut out some contrasting petals{either lace or a different coloured tulle/fabric}.

On the end of the wire, twist a circle, so that the fabric will stay. Then fold the strip of fabric in half{i usually cut my strip double width so i can fold it, it gets bulkier quicker to fill up the wreath} & begin threading it onto the wire

the nex part can be done several the wreath pictured above it was a simple matter of folding...lots of folds :)
on this one i am folding at a right angle every time before i poke it on for a more textured effect.

once you've done 3 or 4 folds, add 2 or 3 petals, they just slot in nicely between the other folds.
to add the petals, i pinched it not quite in half, but so that it went onto the wire twice, & there was still most of the petal to be not sure how to explain it but its quite simple :s
the pointy part at the bottom of the leaf should be folded up towards the middle, & this double over portion is the part you thread onto the wreath.

then push all the fabric up to the other end & continue until you filled the wreath.

next is embellishing...
i used two fabric hearts, which i sewed together using single feather stitch, but i'll show you the end result in part two which i'll do ASAP :) such lovely wishes for you all!!!



  1. what a gorgeous blog you have!!!

  2. Ooh that is just so sofy and pretty!!! xo

  3. Oh my - this is such a beautiful blog. I am so happy I found this along with your other blog. I have to try your tutorials they are just lovely. And thanks for visiting my blog and leaving the lovely comment.