Wednesday, January 27, 2010

card journal ~ a tutorial & a giveaway

*hello! i know i said this tutorial would be on flowers but i thought i'd save that, so...
you will need:
a card
paper{for the inserts}
tape or glue

extras you may like to include:
scrapbooking supplies
faux flowers
paper cutouts
paper clips

First, select a card to use for the cover. It can be a store bought card or one someone has given to you{the writing inside will only make the journal more apt to be cherished}.

Then collect 2 or 3 pieces of paper, i used white paper but you could use any variety of colours or textures.

Fold it then cut in strips to make a double page block.

Fold those pages in half & check they fit snuggly inside you card, leaving about 1/2 cm on each side.

Poke 2 holes through the spine. {I positioned them a little more in the back of the card}

Then thread the ribbon/twine/or string through & tie several knots on the outer side of the journal before finishing with a bow{so even if the bow comes undone, the journal won't}

Cut 2 equal lengths of ribbon & sticky tape or glue these to the inside covers.


& when you're finished you'll have a gorgeous little keepsake journal...

if someone would like this one, id be happy to post it off to a lucky winner...feel free to leave a comment about journalling & i'll choose a winner next Wednesday :) have a very lovely week!


  1. oh honey, this is so lovely. soft colors, with glittering colors of love.

  2. Well done, you do have some fun creative things going on in your blog space.

  3. Thanks lovelies!!! something special is en route to you both!

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