Tuesday, May 4, 2010

a little book

you will need:
a 12" x 12" piece of cardstock {plain or patterned}
a small scrap of cardstock{approx 3" x 8"~thats just a guess!}
embellishments{a scrap of fabric, some paper flowers, a paper sillouette}

Begin by folding the 12" x 12" cardstock in half, then folding each side in half, so there are 4 creases horizontzlly. then fold in half vertically, & fold each half in half, so your paper ends up looking like this...

cut along where i've shown you{i made a mistake & had no to sticky tape mine while i was figuring out the pattern :) }

accordian fold beginning at the top lefthand square, start folding the end square up towards the next one, so that when the paper is flat, lift the top left end square upwards & close it down on the next one as though you were closing a book

once its accordian folded properly the inside of the book will be complete except that you will notice where the back of the pages need to be glued together because otherwise it wont be sturdy {for example the back of squares 2 & 3 will end up being glued, as they become part of the same page.}

then trace around the bookpages, leaving about half a cm for the cover to overlap.
leave 2cm for the spine as well, so as you trace its, cover ~ spine ~ cover.

cut out the rectangle & score along each of the markings for the spine so its easy & crisp to fold, then fold :)

put glue on the two pieces of ribbon.
then glue in a square around the two portions of the cover, but dont glue the spine

& voila! a little place to record thoughts, sketch ponderings, paste photos & bits of lace.

lovely thoughts!!!

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