Thursday, June 10, 2010

a box of beautiful

you will need:
{a} matchbox/s
pretty paper
paint & paintbrush
tissue paper

first of all paint the inside of the box...

then cut alog the top right edge of the outer part

& cover it with patterened paper. then glue the middle in so it opens like a book.
{i also cut a rectangular piece of tissue paper which i inserted between the bottom layers to add a dainty texture}

i made little books to go in.
you could either cut a book & fold it straight in half, or score along two lines in the middle to make a spine.

cut or tear out some pages for the book

& staple right in the centre of the spine {i like to put the staple so the straight part is on the outer edge}

i embellished with words from a dictionary i once found in a drawer

& then cut some french lace for the front & made tissue paper flowers{which sort of look like crowns}

i added a little brad to fasten{i couldnt find the right colour so i painted them}
& attached a length of ribbon to hold it closed...

...a little box that holds a lot of sentiment!!! lovely thoughts


  1. Well done, these are darling and you are very creative to see the opportuntities to stretch your supplies by painting them to match.