Monday, July 19, 2010

~ anatomy of a crown{swap}.

upon embarking on this journey i had no idea i'd make such lovely friends, learn new techniques, & enjoy the thoughtful use of the symbol 'the crown'

i neede to make this crown three times,
once - with wire
once - by rolling strips of watercolour paper around it
& once - with plaster.

then, came sanding {with a nail file}
painting {two coats in rose white}
& decorating

i wish i could have captured it better...

some little goodies,

& because i was sitting at the kitchen table & my sister loves to do it too, she made a crown of her own

with carboard & plaster, which she painted pink & decorated with little buttons, beads & trinkets, such a beautiful job for a little princess!!!

i wish i could capture the delicacy of the tulle

special pearls

& French beaded lace

a bouquet of flowers for this queen rules with the fragrance of kindness

loveliest thoughts for you all today!!! *she waves royaly* :)

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