Friday, September 17, 2010

~ a paper bag journal .. .{part 1}

you will need:
- a paper bag{which you love & want for a keepsake}
- scraps of fabric or lace
- glue{the all important! }
- old newspaper{for the middle pages}
- paperclips or embellishments of your choosing

i bought a pair of oh so soft scotch & soda leggings & they came in a glorious paper bag which i did not want to throw i let it sit in my cupboard for a while until i decided to make a journal out of it!!!
~ first, fold it in half
~ then cut some strips of fabric or lace or ribbon to fit along the top & bottom edges{i used a weave for the back of the journal & a see through lace for the front.
~ you see the edges where the paper bag creases into itself? glue along there & then stick your little piece of fabric right onto it, pleating as you go

i then stuck the equally cool tags into the front flap
& used some paper clips for a scrap of tulle etc

for the middle pages, i tore out parts of my favourite newspaper - the Brisbane news{it must be all those yummy pictures!!!} & folded them to size

& for the part 2 of the tutorial i'll show you how to sew them together to make a signature{or the actual book insert, leaflet style!}

such sweet thoughts!!!


  1. Hi, this paper journal is adorable. I love all your creations and gorgeous pictures and always pondering over your blog but never leave a comment as im never logged into my blog at the time. I spyed the word brisbane and realized your somewhat of a local to me well sort of i was an old brissy girl for 32 years and moved 6 years ago to the country. Im glad i found your blog and ideas have a wonderful weekend.

  2. This is one stunning little mini album!!! xo

  3. Beautiful mini journal !
    Love ♥RINI♥