Saturday, March 27, 2010

bracelets ~ a tutorial!

you will need:
fishing line{or jewellery thread. i use fishing line because its incredibly sturdy, cheap, & see through, so if you use clear or opaque beads you dont see a dark line going through the middle}
a clasp{toggle, claw, any type}
crimping beads

cut a length of fishing line{i use embroidery thread here so it shows up} a little wider than your wrist{you actually want to add a good few inches to the width you want it to end up so you have room to fold it over}

the crimping bead must be threaded first,
then thread the fishing line into the hole of the clasp

loop the fishing line over & thread back down into the crimp bead

with the pliers, pull quite taut towards the clasp, then squeeze the crimp bead closed

now with the open end{the end you havent attached to the clasp} of the fishing line, thread all the beads in the pattern of your choice

when you come almost to the end, repeat the steps above
add the crimp bead
thread through the clasp
thread back through the crimp bead
squeeze crimp bead closed

& presto, you havea bracelet...i repeated this process 4 times to achieve this bracelet...& i also used a clasp with two holes to attach two sections onto each one.

good luck making lots of lovely jewellery!!! loveliest wishes

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