Thursday, March 18, 2010

eggs for Easter

a little special egg tutorial...
you will need:
styrofoam egg
millinery flowers

i first glued a piece of gathered lace around the bottom half of the egg

i pleated it into the base of the egg, & glued it in place. then i began gluing lace around the top half of the egg...start from the top & spiral downwards, its much easier, oh & you dont have to glue any right at the top as there will be ribbons etc covering this part

then pin{or glue} a length of ribbon to the centre of the top.

you can simply tie a bow with several pieces of ribbon, or, as i did, fold the ribbon into 3 pieces{for the right side} then fold the left side into 3 pieces{large/smaller/smallest}, then either pin or glue into place. add some flowers, feathers, a button or gem & voila!

these little eggs would look so dashing hanging & twinkling

around the home

loveliest Easter wishes


  1. Hi from Texas, so nice to meet you on Pink Saturday. You are absolutely beautiful, and so are your blogs. Many kisses, Marsha

  2. :) i believe the wonderful thing about Easter is that it blesses our lives even if we don't celebrate it, thats what makes Easter & Christmas so special! have a magnificently lovely week!!!
    thank you both!!!

  3. Your tutorial posts are always such fun to read, how you decide the creative direction and techniques used.