Saturday, February 27, 2010

beaded letters...

Hi lovelies! here's a simple project i think you'll love! its so versatile & wonderfully sparkly!! you will need:
seed beads{i use silver lined larger ones}
craft wire{make sure the beads can fit on it & also that its sturdy enough to hold the beads in shape}
pliers{i used round nose pliers & regular ones with a wire cutter}

cut a length of wire about 35cm{or as long as your letter will end up}

make a loop at one end, & bend it so its on a right angle with the rest of the wire

thread the beads onto the other end that has no loop

once all the wire is filled with beads, make another loop & turn it to a right angle so it holds the beads securely in place

bend the letter into shape{if you have a letter that needs two pieces of wire to create, thats no problem, just bead the first one, start beading the second, then around the middle point, twist the wires together & continue beading, otherwise you could make a shape such as a heart instead}

these would be perfect to add to a present{as shown above}

or as a keepsake initial in a table setting

loveliest wishes!!!


  1. waht a wonderful idea, i think i should love to use this as part of my easter table decorations, thank you x x

  2. OMG, I need to do this so bad!
    Thank you for such a great tutorial!!!!

  3. This is really nice! But I was wondering if you could show another tutorial on how to bead other alphabets? Anyways, thanks soo much for the great tutorial(: