Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fabric Flower #2

You will need:

First cut a your fabric into a shape like this:

{although you are welcome to cut it much neater :) }
the size of your piece will depend on how big you want your flower to be.

mine was about as long as a piece of cardboard & 5 cm at the narrow end to probably 8cm at the wider end as i wanted a large flower.

these are great to do much smaller though as fabric scraps were what they were first intended for, & alot of scraps seem to be this shape.

Next, fold in half, right side showing.

Then stitch along the seam...

and pull into a flower shape

stitching up through the centre of the flower to hold it this several times.
Then cut out 3 roundish{more like a square with wobbly edges} shapes that will become the centre of the flower.

Holding one of those shapes in the centre, pinch it upwards to become a shape like this:

then stitch it into the centre of the flower. Repeat this with the 2nd & 3rd shapes.

& voila! a beautiful flower has emerged.

you could attach a pin to the back & wear it in your hair, or as a brooch, or, as i have done, use it to create a marvellous journal.

precious thoughts

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