Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Topiary Tree Tutorial

You will need:
scissors{sorry i always forget those in the photo}
crepe paper{3-5 packets}
ribbons{not essential}
wooden dowelling{a length from Bunnings or a hardware store}
3 styrofoam balls in different sizes
ceramic pot

First poke the styrofoam balls onto the dowelling. The smallest one should go first, medium sized second, & largest last.

Then paint the dowelling. Now its time to make the flowers.

First fold the crepe paper into a stack of 5 or so roughly 7 or 8cm square, enough to cut a flower shape.

i cut my flowers freehand but you can draw one on in pencil as well. alternately, 4 petals or spikey petals will also look wonderful.

Take one flower & pinch it upwards from the centre.
Then add a 2nd & 3rd pinched flower underneath it.

Pin the base of it onto the styrofoam ball.

Colour co-ordinate your flowers until the entire 3 sections are covered.

Then i looped some ribbons & pinned them underneath each tier of the tree.

This would also work very well as a table topper or as a one tiered tree. You could also tie ribbons or crepe paper around the dowelling for a fuller trunk, or cover it with glitter to make it sparkle.

& finally some photos of my finished tree:

oh i nearly forgot, the ceramic tuscan pot was $12 at Bunnings, what an amazing buy!!! i wanted to grow herbs in it! but instead i used rocks from the garden to hold the tree, & covered those with a layer of paper towel to hold the singular petals i cut out & sprinkled over the top!!!

loveliest topiary wishes