Wednesday, November 7, 2012

~ a mat

Hi lovelies!
i'm making a mat
{from some t-shirts i picked up at the outlet stores, & an old pillow case}

i cut them up into as long strips as possible

then rolled them into balls of yarn

then i stitched/crocheted 5 strands together {after realising 4 doesn't plait :)
winding it around into an oval
stitching it in place

crocheting a border with my finger

& waiting until i can find/acquire some more material to make it bigger :)

so many pretty colours for you today!!!
lovely thoughts  

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

~ silk petals,

hi! {happily waving!}
i made a silk flower for you,

these are the templates.
the squares are for the larger & smaller petals,
& the rectangle is to form the centre bud.

simply fold {fabric right side out!}
make a straight stitch,
gather it into a circle to form the bud.
then continue with the same piece of string,
stitching around the outer edge of the folded square{now a triangle}
gathering it into a petal shape.
mix and match fabrics & petal sizes to your hearts desire :)
loveliness & hugs, always!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

~ l o v e .. .

this week i plucked some sunlight from a tree, after making a ring out of my Irish rose granny square, & tying it with a soft pink ribbon.. .
i also
bought peonies for Mother's Day!!!
{& a gorgeous pink Iris i found by an abandoned building, such a lovely flower to sit in a cup on the bench & ponder about.. .the magnificent structure of the unfurling frills, the glistening rosegold petals --- have you ever noticed how they sparkle in the sunlight like glittering gold? oh peonies, oh iris of pink, you are my two favourite flowers!!!

sending such glorious, soft, fragrant wishes for you today dear hearts!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

~ some things.. .

Hello again! :) i was tidying up the table today & realized there were a few lovely things id been working on. so this is just a little glimpse into the spare minutes of my last month.. . lace stones, crocheted flowers, granny squares, embroidery floss, & a pocketfull of fairy dust. my favourite crochet video is this one, even though im still learning!

Have a shimmeringly lovely day!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

~ ice cubes for Easter.. .

Hi lovelies!!!
i'm so sorry i'm late in saying Happy Easter, it seems i'm always late for holidays, they sneak up on me so! i had visions of beautiful tutorials for you, an Easter journal & such, but the only thing i managed to do creatively,

was ice cubes.. .

i put some edible flowers in an egg tray{because i didn't have an ice cube tray :) } & popped them in the freezer overnight. you can usually get punnets of edible flowers at the supermarket or an organic shop.

sending such lovely wishes!!!

& Happy Easter thoughts!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

journals {a cover for you}

Hello lovelies! i have been working on a journal cover & this was my first attempt, so i made you all a present{pins & all, its just how i always end up!}, if you like you can print it out & make a journal with it. i'd love to see the photos if you do!!! {& a crocheted stone i've been working on{my other first attempt} :)

hope your week is filled with all the beautiful things!!!

{copyrighted for a bouquet of dreams, not to be replicated for commercial purposes}

p.s i was thinking of printing it either on large photo paper & laminating it, or on cardboard, & just stacking up a variety of papers behind it, & securing them all with  two pink satin ribbons {also, i haven't tried printing it yet, but there is one on the meandering pearl blog with slightly different colouring if that helps :) } <3 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

{inspiring me.. .}

{the quiet murmur of gentle things, of powder blue & perssimon}

a rug {crochet of course!} :)
a thousand trumpets {perspective}