Monday, June 28, 2010

time for a giveaway!!!

a journal bound with silk & edged in french beaded lace, a place to line with your thoughts/dreams/wishes/hopes/ponderings/experiences/days of loveliness...

feel so welcome to leave a message on this post if you haven't won a journal from me before, & i'll draw a winner next Friday...loveliest thoughts

Saturday, June 26, 2010

dangling postcards ~

something i've been wanting to do for a long time...
step 1:
gather postcards, photos you've taken, pages from books
{i was so excited to find these Anahata postcards in Mombasa the other day, i also used some i'd been saving from the bowerbird stories at finders keepers last year}
step 2:
also collect scissors, string/lace/ribbon, a hammer & eyelets-i like to get the gold eyelets from Spotlight because they're only about $3 & come with the tool, sticky tape...
step 3:
deign the layout lengthways & also decide what you will layer on the back

step 4:
lay the two papers back to back{sometimes you will only need the one if it is coloured both sides} & poke a whole with the scissors in the top & bottom

step 5:
place the eyelet through the pages & hammer firmly until secure
step 6:
tie together with bits of ribbon
sticky tape to the roof
{you could stick a fabric flower or bow at the top to cover the tape}
step 8:

i'd like to write quotes on the back of mine where i've used blank paper...

i also want to make a photo chandelier with photos of the family & attach the layers around a few gold hoops...
hope you have a lovely weekend!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

a box of beautiful

you will need:
{a} matchbox/s
pretty paper
paint & paintbrush
tissue paper

first of all paint the inside of the box...

then cut alog the top right edge of the outer part

& cover it with patterened paper. then glue the middle in so it opens like a book.
{i also cut a rectangular piece of tissue paper which i inserted between the bottom layers to add a dainty texture}

i made little books to go in.
you could either cut a book & fold it straight in half, or score along two lines in the middle to make a spine.

cut or tear out some pages for the book

& staple right in the centre of the spine {i like to put the staple so the straight part is on the outer edge}

i embellished with words from a dictionary i once found in a drawer

& then cut some french lace for the front & made tissue paper flowers{which sort of look like crowns}

i added a little brad to fasten{i couldnt find the right colour so i painted them}
& attached a length of ribbon to hold it closed...

...a little box that holds a lot of sentiment!!! lovely thoughts

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

~ buttons galore!

Hi everyone!

i thought you might like this fun & versatile idea... of collecting buttons & creating sort of a button collage!

first, lay them out on a piece of paper, to make sure they are placed in the design you most love.

then stitch them on :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ojo de Dios{Gods eye}

remember making these in school?

these are a smaller version...very small, with toothpicks :)
you will need:
embroidery floss or twine

begin by crossing the toothpicks into a diamond shape. then follow these instructions, or
dab a little glue in the centre & begin winding the thread about 4 times one direction, then swap & wind about 4 times on the other diagonal opening.
after that, begin at one stick & wind under & loop over, wind under the next one, loop over it, wind under the nest loop over...there are better instructions here but maybe these photos might help

once that is finishe tie it off & maybe add a bit of glue to keep it in place. then glue some sparkly beads onto each point of the tootpicks.

finally, tie a little string, ribbon, or fabric strip on so it can be hung up as an ornament

may your days be full of rainbows!!!

a special box

a place to organize needles & keep emerging artwork...
you will need:
a wooden box
paint & paintbrush
coloured paper & scissors

paint the box

cut out some papers in alternating colours{or use the same one if you prefer!} the same size as the compartments & glue them down

fill with special things

lovely thoughts