Thursday, April 12, 2012

~ some things.. .

Hello again! :) i was tidying up the table today & realized there were a few lovely things id been working on. so this is just a little glimpse into the spare minutes of my last month.. . lace stones, crocheted flowers, granny squares, embroidery floss, & a pocketfull of fairy dust. my favourite crochet video is this one, even though im still learning!

Have a shimmeringly lovely day!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

~ ice cubes for Easter.. .

Hi lovelies!!!
i'm so sorry i'm late in saying Happy Easter, it seems i'm always late for holidays, they sneak up on me so! i had visions of beautiful tutorials for you, an Easter journal & such, but the only thing i managed to do creatively,

was ice cubes.. .

i put some edible flowers in an egg tray{because i didn't have an ice cube tray :) } & popped them in the freezer overnight. you can usually get punnets of edible flowers at the supermarket or an organic shop.

sending such lovely wishes!!!

& Happy Easter thoughts!