Thursday, October 21, 2010

~ a cuff! ~

Hello lovelies!!!

i finally put one of these beauties together, im so excited :)
& the good thing is all these components can be used for other projects as well!!!

you need:

start by folding the fabric into 4 equal parts
if you like you can make a flower template& pin it on, but i usually just cut it freehand, that works too.. .

once thats done, pinch all the flower shapes in from the centre,
i usually start with one then add each layer.
use about 30cm of thread{or embroidery floss}.
leave half of your thread as a tail & make two tiny stitches through the base that you're pinching, to make an x shape. that should secure the entire flower & give it room to move,

then tie a couple of knots at the base, leaving the ends long

set that aside for a moment & make a small bow in the middle of the length of fabric{or ribbon}

gather the two tales & make another, longer bow

so you end up with four loops in all{or you could cut an even longer piece of fabric & continue tying the tails into bows to make as many loops as you like}
then sew the flower onto it with one of the long ends,
& because the fabric is hangong long, i left the ends of the thread long too.

this could easily be turned into a little brooch or special adornment at this point.

now get the elements for the actual cuff.. .
i used a length of wide velvet ribbon & a length of lace edging

you can cut the lace & turn the back to face the front :) or leave it doubled over & glue/stitch them together{adding a loop in between at one end-just a little rectangular cut length of fabric} & sewing on the button at the other end.

stitch the flower "we prepared earlier" on :) & hooray, you have something so lovely to wear!!!

sweet thoughts

Sunday, October 10, 2010

a handbound book.. .

1. gather an assortment of wonderful papers together & arrange in a haphazard style pile
2. fold, then clip together with a bulldog clip
3. poke 5 holes through the spine{i begin with the centre hole right in the middle then work outwards with even spaces} i use an awl but you could use your needle, a metal skewer from the kitchen etc
4. sew with an ample piece of thread, either waxed linen or embroidery floss, or twine {pull fairly tightly & flat along the line you're sewing so the paper doesn't tear}
5. write/paint/draw till your heart's content!!!

Have a sunshine-in-your-heart kind of day{since its raining here}!!! :) loveliest thoughts