Wednesday, March 31, 2010

embroidery hoops

you will need:
an embroibery needle
an embroidery hoop
embroidery thread
a scrap of material

if you've never used an embroidery hoop before, its extremely easy.

unscrew the brass tension screw at the top, & separate the two hoops.
lay the fabric over the smaller hoop{leave an excess of fabric here & trim it off after you insert it}

holding the fabric taut, replace the larger hoop, & screw it back together{making sure to pull the fabric so it isnt twisted or uneven}

if you're unsure of freestitching like me, cut out a template & pin it to the fabric.

i used a fleur de lys because of the beauty of its meaning & also because of the elegance of the symbol itself!

im not finished yet but wanted to show you its progress...& im hoping to fill it with stitch samples like these

imagine having a walllcluster filled with embroidery hoops!!!