Thursday, May 6, 2010

personalized sillhouettes ~

sillhouettes are very much in vogue right now, & they are fairly easy to create & use to adorn the home as pieces of personalized artwork!!
all you need is a camera, & some alternating papers{colours that contrast so the sillhouette pops} or you can get more detailed & add embroidery etc...

start by taking a photo of you or your family as a profile shot. this then becomes your template for your artwork. of course, as with any art, creative license is yours & you can change features like your hair as you choose. basically just print it out, resize it if you like, trace it & cut it out :)

this piece began as an embroidered sillhouette {chain stitch} & just kept growing...a few petite flowers, ruffles, beads, bows & bits of lace cut of a hanky were used to make up the hair, & some embroidery under the actual sillhouette. i also added some tulle tied into a makeshift bow with some sparkly adornments glued on top.

a simple sillhouette framed with some scrapbook paper can be beautiful & effective.

or for the sillhouette on the petite green book, i ruffled a scrap of fabric into an Elizabethan collar & cut out some paper flowers to complete :)

& there you go :) personal sillhouettes...have a beautiful day!!! lovely thoughts


  1. WOW....these are totally gorgeous! So, so pretty xo

  2. Beautiful! Your blog is lovely...I'm a follower!
    Pamela from French Buttons

  3. Oh so pretty in shades of pink with all those hand crafted details. Thanks for sharing the creative inspiration.