Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ojo de Dios{Gods eye}

remember making these in school?

these are a smaller version...very small, with toothpicks :)
you will need:
embroidery floss or twine

begin by crossing the toothpicks into a diamond shape. then follow these instructions, or
dab a little glue in the centre & begin winding the thread about 4 times one direction, then swap & wind about 4 times on the other diagonal opening.
after that, begin at one stick & wind under & loop over, wind under the next one, loop over it, wind under the nest loop over...there are better instructions here but maybe these photos might help

once that is finishe tie it off & maybe add a bit of glue to keep it in place. then glue some sparkly beads onto each point of the tootpicks.

finally, tie a little string, ribbon, or fabric strip on so it can be hung up as an ornament

may your days be full of rainbows!!!


  1. Hello Meandering Pearl!!
    How darling are those sweet things!!! Pretty darling if you ask me :-) Wouldnt they be great as ornaments on a pink Christmas tree!! Or even as a package tag for a special gift.
    Thanks for sharing the tutorial!
    Hugs and SMiles,