Saturday, September 25, 2010

paper bag journal ~ pamphlet style binding

you will need:
- a needle, i use a matress needle, its the massive one in the needle packs from the supermarket :)
- thread, i used embroidery floss
- your little booklet/journal
im showing you without the paper bag cover, because it was easier to photo, then i re-sewed it with the cover intact, so please don't be concerned with the photos...take everything we assembled on the last tutorial, that is the paper bag cover, & paper inserts, lay it flat{the paper inside the cover} & clip it all together with a bulldog clip{to hold it together, i didnt do this so mine went a bit wonky at first :) }

then thread your needle {if you like you can use wax or just run the embroidery floss along the top of a glue stick to strengthen it, but i only used 6 double pages inside-24 back & front, so i thought the floss should be strong enough without glue or wax}

& make a hole in the middle of the centre fold, threading the needle through the entire booklet...usually bookbinders use an awl, but i found that the needle went straight through as its not a heavy weight booklet.

go down & thread back through about an inch or two from the bottom of the journal

then take the needle right up to the top & thread it through about an inch or two from the top...

thread it back throgh the beginning hole

mak sure the two tails are on opposite sides of the thread, & then tie...& voila!!! a journal, made by you!!!

have a wondrous day!!!