Tuesday, February 1, 2011

corsage tutorial #2

Hi lovelies!
this is it.. .its mainly made of fabric & thread, with a couple of buttons & beads sewed on at the end.. .

to begin, cut some elongated squarish oval shapes, these will become the "leaves"

then twist them in the centre, one by one

& stitch them all together in the middle where you pinched.. .

take a couple of strips of fabric about 3 inches wide & 15cm long

begin with one piece of fabric & fold it in half, right sides facing outwards

to form a flower fold a triangle at one end. this will form the middle of the bud.

then continue to fold the fabric in right angles as you turn it, to form the petals of the flower

i stitched all that through the middle & then added a button & a couple of crystal beads to the centre. i then did another slightly smaller flower & stitched them together.
i wanted the flowers to stand out more so i then added another layer of silk organza, twisting as i went & gluing it into place between the folds of the first flower. i used alternating colours.

i then attached the leaves to one side, & added a ruffle to the front, to add interest & colour, & voila!

hope your day is gorgeous!!!

loveliest thoughts.. .


  1. ...oh my dear!! This is ethereally beauteous!
    I adore the colors you have chosen and would not have thought that they would look so lovely and delicate together...
    wow...I am mesmerized!
    xo, Rosemary

  2. oh i really appreciate that since it was a move away from the colour palette i usually choose, but these were scraps i had on hand & they really do look so lovely in real life!!! im so glad you see it too!!!