Monday, April 4, 2011

to host a tea party!

Hi lovelies!

twas a night of mismatched china,

flowers in jars,

cutlery tied with ribbon,

candles in vases,

with petals floating politely besides,

the sugar rimmed glasses are always a hit!
just mix a few drops of food colouring into some castor sugar, mix well, then wipe the juice of a lemon onto your glass rim, and dip in the coloured sugar, so simple!

little meringues and sweets

a lemon punch with a sprinkling of mint,

a shimmering memory!

& of course the clean-up :)

loveliest thoughts
& dreamiest wishes!!!


  1. wow the pictures are fantastic, you made them yourself?
    I think it is very beautiful!!!!
    Ciao Ciao Barbara

  2. thankyou!!! & yes, they are my pictures :) though the light was not so good that day

    thankyou for sending me a little bit of loveliness!!! have such a beautiful day!!!