Thursday, June 16, 2011

{creative hair colour} & a beautiful match!!!

i've been wanting to dye my hair for a while now, deciding between chocolate brown and vibrant red. i opted for red in the end, & blended the two colours above. i used the deeper red because thats the colour i wanted but added the lighter apricot because i knew my hair wouldn't go the darker shade without some lightening  involved.. .it went the perfect shade of strawberry :)

a couple of hair tips:
think about what colour you would like
when you go to look for it you will notice there are lots of colours in one shade.
so search for the model that has a matching eye colour and skin complexion to yours!!!
that is the key. always go with the blue eyed model if you have blue eyes or the brown eyed model if you have brown eyes!!! 
& feel free to just browse, then go away and ponder it because you might have seen a colour you weren't previously considering. i love to browse a few different shops. & don't be afraid to spend a few more dollars on the better box because you're saving so much on the hairdresser.

lots of hair colouring loveliness  

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