Wednesday, August 31, 2011

an announcement {& a project!!!}

Hi lovelies!
some exciting news... everyone's a winner!!! i shall make shoes for everyone who joined in, quite similar to the one below!!!
& the winner of the one below is Ozma of Odds, Congratulations lovely!!! if you have not yet met her, check out her blog, it is brimming & bounding with inspiration!!!
& meet the other oh-so-talented winners,

{please email me your addys to for postage}

{a thought...i know i said it would be open til september so if there is anyone else who positively must have a shoe :) i will accept your entry by morning :)
& may everyone else also have a bountifully beautiful day!!!

p.s. oh, & being moved to bursting when i saw this project, {Thankyou Gabriela!!!} i am so excited to join in!!! & maybe make some feathers of my own!!!


  1. ...oh my!
    is it true? really??
    this beautiful shoe is for me??!!
    I am so very delighted to have this ethereal creation of yours!!
    ~ and how very generous, that all who enter should also receive an enchanted shoe!
    may i ask, do you have angel wings??

    I am grateful ~ thank you!!
    xo, Rosemary

  2. won???Cool...all of us won...even better!You made my day!!!!!And I am so happy you will be part of the Magic Feather project!
    Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  3. :) Thankyou, i don't have angel wings otherwise i should be able to visit you all and leave lovely comments as often as id like, but as it is, i run out of minutes everyday :)

    everyone's shoes should be shipped out within a couple of weeks as im right in the middle of some hectic & time consuming things, please bear with me!!!

    so much loveliness,