Friday, July 9, 2010

congratulations! & journal ideas*

i hadn't time to do a proper post, but i found a box of my old journals & i thought you might like to see some photos for ideas...the first journal i had i bought at 12 or 13, it was one of those light blue school notebooks, & i used it until about 17.

then i upgraded to a small black notebook{about $4} for several years. while in America{at about 21} i saved up for a special {$16} journal & took a whole bunch or quarters & dimes into Borders :) i sort of thought a beautiful journal a luxury rather than a necessity, so i just used spare change.

now, im glad i tried to find & make beautiful things, because i find anything that makes the heart sing to be extremely valuable & incredibly worthwhile! since then, i seem to write more frequently & can fill two journals a year {except since blogging :) hardly any time} & one day, i began making the journals i wanted to buy but couldn't find...


mixed threads

flower meanings {& other print-outs}

little thankful cards hanging from a friendship band

beginning the journal{my name is pronounced with a "sh" like chevrolet

a cover page{an introduction}

stamps & textured paper{vellum & faux suede, so soft!}

ribbons as bookmarks

& precious photos

& {if you haven't read the comment i wrote} the winners are Rini {of Catharina Maria} & a special something for everyone else so please email me your mailing addy's to

loveliest thoughts


  1. OHHHHHHHHHHHHH is this really that i won this give away ????
    I cant believe it .I am so happy .
    And you know my English is not good .

    My e-mail address is

    Love love love you !!!

  2. Your journals are incredible. I'm a lover of journals too. Thanks for sharing.