Wednesday, July 14, 2010

pocket folder

you will need:
- one sheet of gorgeous paper{or cardboard}
- ribbon/eyelets/scraps of fabric or paper to make flowers/embellishments of your choice

for a smaller folder:
cut an A4 sheet of paper in half{this will make two}
for a larger folder:
follow the same steps but use the entire page

fold the paper in half,
then turn the bottom of the paper upwards about 1/4 of the way.
cut a v-shape in the middle of the fold, allowing the book to close easily
use a little glue on the outer edges between the front page & inside of the pocket part to secure, then you wont need to glue near the v, it should hold very well!!!}

at this stage, make as many as you like :)

to embellish,
i used a square of complimenting paper, & stamped a crown on it in gold.
then i handcut a larger & smaller paper flower to use at the opening.
i folded embroidered silk into leaves.
then i stacked all this & a ribbon into a pile.
i used the scissors to make a hole big enough for the eyelet to sit through.
then i hammered the eyelt into place.
{on the back i just tucked the ribbon through the hole & hammered an eyelet in}

below is an example of a larger one using a full sheet of paper:

i inserted pretty papers in the middle to act as a journal as well.

i used pamphlet stitch to hold the pages in.

& embroidered with layers & layers of ruffles,

{Italian wedding tulle in ice pink!}

Hope your day is beautiful!!!

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