Monday, July 19, 2010

~ a petite crown.

you will need:
1. wire
2. beads{make sure the wire fits through them!} & wire cuters
3. material
4. bottle nose pliers

cut a length of wire{enough for the circunference of the bottom of the crown} & with some bottle nose pliers make a loop at one end

begin pleating the fabric through the wire {i used embroidered silk organza}

once you finish adding an adequate amount of material, secure the wire by passing another loop through the first one you created.

then open the fabric at some point & add a length of ire {with a loop}.

begin adding beads until halfway, then make an oval shaped loop & continue beading, shaping as you go

once at the end, secure with a small loop somewhere hidden in the folds of fabric :)

continue this process two more times, interlocking the oval loops in the centre

you can also add different sized beads, & floral material or {French beaded} lace at the base of each of the tiers

add a swarovski crystal droplet in the middle, securing with wire or a bow!

& then you'll have a beautiful sparkling crown of petite magnificence!!!

hope your day is lovely!!!


  1. that is the sweetest ever!!! thanks

  2. You have made again something beautiful's !!
    Love ♥RINI♥